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Halo and Demon Eye Guide

Halo and Demon Eye Guide


Halos are rings of light that typically used as a running light, a turn signal, or just to add a little bit of flair to your headlight build. See the infographic below to learn about the different types!

Standard Halos (Switchback)

Switchback halos are standard when adding halos. Switchback refers to the ability for the halos to switch from white to amber and flash with the turn signal, then back to white. 

You can also run full time white only or full time amber only if you wish. 

RGBW Halos

RGBW Halos are bluetooth controlled color changing. They utilize an app on your phone. RGBW halos can be set to any solid color. They also include a ton of "show modes" where colors will flow and rotate around the halo. 

RGBW Halos also have a turn signal function. 

Front and Rear Halos

Rear halos are installed in the back of a shroud. When lit, they provide a backlight to the shroud. Depending on the shroud design, this will create patterns around the shroud. 

Rear halos can be utilized in any builds that utilize a shroud. For builds that have a trim piece around the projector, like Gx470 and 06-09 4Runners, shrouds and rear halos are not able to be used. 


Front halos go around the opening of the projector on the front of the shroud. On some headlight builds, we are only able to install front halos due to existing trim inside of the headlight. 

For builds that have an option for a high beam front halo, a projector will need to be added to use a front halo. 

Examples of a front halo only build and a build with both front and rear halos is shown below.

Front Halo Only

Front and Rear Halo


Hex Halos

Hex halos are RGBW Only (Requires the RGB Upgrade) and can only be used as front halos. These can be placed on trim pieces or on the front of shrouds. We offer a few "Special Edition" builds with Hex Halos standard. 


Demon Eyes

Demon eyes back light the projector itself (the center of the headlight). These do not change the color of the light emitted from your headlight 

The term demon eye comes from the red backlit option, but they are available in red, blue, green, white, and purple as singe colors. If you add on the RGBW upgrade, the demon eye can be full color changing along with your halos.

These are great for adding a little extra customization, especially for builds like the 06-09 4Runner, 14+ 4Runner, Gx470, and 16+ Tacoma where a shroud and rear halos is not possible. 

Examples of Demon Eyes Shown Below




  • would be very helpful to post a picture when of one light with just a standard bulb. I walked through my selection with someone and while one side looks amazing, the buld on the other looks cheap and dissapointing.

    - matt
  • Good evening. Your 3rd gen tacoma options don’t have choices for “X halos” but pictures show you do that, can you clarify. Thank you. -Mark

    - Mark
  • Could Halos or Demon eyes run two colors at the same time?
    Can I have the left run red and the right run purple simultaneously?

    - Justin
  • I have a 2005 4runner, traditionally doesn’t have blinker in headlight unit but can I have the front halo as an amber blink that switches back to white when not in use

    - Sam Webb
  • I would like to change my orange halo light bulbs to the red demon light bulbs how can I do that

    - Ronnie Easley

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