Inspired Overland RTT Review!

Inspired Overland RTT Review!

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The Details

  • $1500 price tag
  • 4 inches thick when closed
  • 87lbs 
  • Ladder, mattress, anti-condensation mat, and storage bags all included 
  • 48x72in sleeping area 

If you've been in the overlanding hobby long enough, you probably balk at the price tag on this tent. We certainly did. It just doesn't seem possible to get a clam shell tent worth anything at this price, especially when other similarly designed tents are 2-3 times as expensive. Let's dive in. 


How is it so cheap and light? 

First, this tent is a bit different than other "hard shell" tents in that the frame is not fiberglass or ABS plastic. The best comparison would be to a tonnaeu cover. The roof is an aluminum frame with internal crossbars for strength and thick, weatherproof fabric stretched over it. This cuts the cost and weight of the tent down. The downside is that there is a bit less insulation for colder weather, but that is an issue that can be fixed for 2-300 with a diesel heater or an appropriate sleeping bag.


What is the level of quality?

It is always important to take quality in perspective with the cost and your needs. For the price point, we find the fabric, construction, and features offered with the tent are better than you'd expect. The fabric is similar to that found on higher cost options, the tent is sturdy, and the inclusion of a ladder and multiple storage options is a great touch. For 1500, you aren't getting a CVT or James Baroud tent, and that's ok. A higher end tent is really only worth it for a small portion of people. For the majority of the population, the Inspired Overland tent will get the job done and keep valuable cash in your pocket. 

Who would we recommend the tent for?
  • Given the size of the tent, it would be best suited for 1-2 people. Those looking to camp with children should look into larger options, like a soft shell tent from Roam. 
  • Those on a budget. This is the best value in the roof top tent market. 
  • Those that want to try out roof top tent life with minimal commitment. This tent is essentially a toned down version of higher end clamshell tents. It's a great way to do a trial run without the commitment of buying a high end tent.
  • Those just looking to save some money!


How to Buy

We have these tents in our Showroom in Raleigh, NC. Come by, check it out in person, and pick one up same day!

If you're not local, no worries! We ship all over the country. 


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