Why Retrofit Headlights?
For most people, stock headlights just aren't cutting it. The lack of brightness often turns into a safety issue, especially for those with vision problems. Retrofit headlights will drastically increase your visibility on the road without blinding others like you would with LED Bulbs in reflector housings. 
Retrofitting also opens the door for tons of customization, allowing you to build headlights that fit in seamlessly with the build of your car or truck. 
For those looking for extra bright projectors, check out our section on BxBuilt Bi-LED Projectors. 
How hard are the headlights to install?
Very easy! Our headlights come with a wiring harness that plugs directly into your factory headlight plug/plugs and attaches to the battery. The only wiring required is to set up the halos how you want, which is as simple as splicing the halo power wires into the wire of the desired feature. 
Do you have wiring guides?
Yes! We have install guides for every version of headlights!
What are halos? Why should I add halos to my build?
Halos are small circular tubes that house lighting. Halos sit inside the shroud (for rear halos) or around the shroud opening (for front halos). The basic type of halos used in retrofit headlight builds are switchback halos. Halos also come in RGB options.
Switchback halos will light up amber and white depending on what you wire them to. They can even act as turn signals, which is extra beneficial for those with aftermarket bumpers. Halos are also responsible for lighting up the shroud, which creates the desired look within your headlights. 
RGB Halos will come with a bluetooth controller for your phone, allowing you to customize the look of your headlights further. They are still able to function as turn signals and running lights as well. 
Front vs Rear Halos
Rear Halos create the backlit effect in a shroud. An example of a build with a rear halo is shown below. 
Front Halos create a ring of light around the front of the projector. An example of a build with a a front halo (as well as a rear halo) is shown below
 Are BxBuilt Projectors worth it? 
Absolutely. We're proud to offer BxBuilt's new X3 2.0 BiLed projectors in any of our headlight builds. LED projectors do not require a bulb or ballast, making install even easier. Plus, that means no bulky boxes to find a location for. The 2.0 version has a wider spread, a larger hot spot, and are lighter then its predecessor. In our opinion, they're worth every penny. 
Low Beam Output
High Beam Output


How hard are the grilles to install?
Very easy. We include a new set of clips with all grilles that require them so you dont have to worry about breaking your old ones. If your grille has mounting tabs, we include new tabs. All that's required of you is to remove the old one and pop our new one in. 
Do you offer more customization that the paint color and emblem? 
We do! You can add custom designs like TRD stripes or stripes of your own choosing. If you wanted a custom emblem, colored letters, or something else to make your grill stand out, we can make it happen.