High Clearance Front Bumper / 2014+ 4Runner / LFD

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A design inspired by the classic Aussie style bull bars, our Expedition Bumpers offers full bull bars for added protection around the headlights and radiator areas. This High Clearance version maintains a balance between coverage and clearance for obstacle navigation. 
We've designed our bumpers with one goal in the forefront: to be able to stand up to the rigors of actual off road use.
Our front bumpers offer unprecedented winch access, allowing you to easily access the winch clutch and controller and safely see the winch line. Open winch access is important during winching operations - you must be able to easily reach the clutch as well as plug in your winch control.
Seeing the line helps ensure it is spooling correctly on the drum and not bunching up on one side.
We've included solid 3/4" recovery points, welded through the bumper and along the winch plate all the way to the frame mount and in-line with the frame. The winch mount is positioned so the pulling force is also directly in-line with the frame mounts.
Featuring a .120 DOM bull bar to protect headlights and radiator area. Available with two or four fog light pockets and a bolt on winch opening cover to protect winch rope when you're not in the field. Pre-drilled holes between the bull bar supports for round driving lights. 
Raw steel finish, must be powder coated or painted by the customer.