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Inspired Overland Roof Top Tent

Vendor Inspired Overland

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You read the price correct. 1500 for a clam shell roof top tent. We know your first inclination is going to be to question the quality. We did too! After checking these tents out in person and ordering some for ourselves, we can confidently say that these tents are an incredible value. Plus, these won a SEMA award!

Where It Stands Out:

  • Weight- The Inspired RTT is just 87 pounds, making it the lightest tent on the market. It's so light that you could mount it to stock crossbars, though we do recommend a roof rack for the extra strength 
  • Thickness- The Inspired RTT is just 4 inches thick when closed, also making it the thinnest tent on the market. 
  • Features- The Tent comes with a ladder with mounts for each side of the tent, 2 shoe bags, 2 interior storage bags, poles for the rain fly, a bug screen, mattress, and anti condensation mat. 
  • Value- Dollar for dollar, this tent will rival any option out there. It's perfect for those looking to get into the hobby and don't want to deal with the size or work of a soft shell tent. It's also a great option for weekend warriors and those who get out occasionally. 

We would recommend this tent if...

  • You're getting into the hobby and aren't sure how much you'll use the tent. One of the most common things we hear is "Well, a roof top tent is so expensive and I don't know I would use it a lot or don't know if I'd like it." This tent is a great, lower cost way to try out the same style of tents as the higher end options
  • You're looking to camp by yourself or with one other person. The tent is not huge. You would be able to fit a small child with you and your partner, but we would recommend a soft shell option (given the additional space they provide) for larger families. 
  • You're on a budget. This hobby is expensive. Trust us, we know. It's great to save money where you can, and this tent does just that. 
  • Any combination of the above!

The Details

  • WEIGHT: 87lbs
  • DIMENSIONS CLOSED: 82in L x 50in W x 4in H
  • DIMENSIONS OPENED: 48in H at the entrance
  • SLEEPING AREA: 78in L x 48in W
  • FRAME: Soft PVC (similar to Soft Tonneau Covers) with gas strut assisted opening
  • RAINFLY INCLUDED: Heavyweather rainfly with rods
  • STORAGE INCLUDED: 2 large boot bags and 2 interior pockets
  • MATTRESS INCLUDED: 1.5in foam mattress with anti-condensation pad
  • LADDER INCLUDED: 8.5ft Aluminum Telescopic ladder