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Hunter Gill

Feb 1, 2024

What differentiates TEQ Customs Headlights from the rest?

There's a lot of options, but none quite like TEQ.

Aftermarket headlights are a dime a dozen. The ironic thing is that most aftermarket headlights fail to provide an upgrade in lighting performance.  We are going to walk through what makes TEQ Customs headlights stand out from the rest and answer a few common questions about our headlights. 


Table of Contents

  • Light Output and Safety
  • Construction + Customization
  • Value
  • Why Are There Lead Times?
  • Conclusion

Improved safety for you and other drivers

So... You're finding it hard to see at night

You aren't alone. Toyota's renowned reliability has allowed many models produced in the 1990s and early 2000s to still be on the road today. 

Toyota was not exactly at the forefront of technology, using reflector headlights on Tacomas until 2015. 4Runners used reflector headlgiths until 2014 with the exception of using a low performing halogen projector in 06-09. 

Even the more modern Toyotas are lacking in lighting performance. It was not until 2021 that Toyota even offered an LED projector headlight option. The factory Toyota LED projectors are certianly better than halogen, but still lack the performance found in many other vehciles. 


The problem with LED Bulbs

A common lighting "upgrade" is LED bulbs. However, this tends to lead to poor output and a lot of glare. 

In headlights that use relfective surfaces to aim light down the road, the light from LED bulbs is scattered, making them dangerous to use around other drivers.

These LED bulbs also tend to provide LESS usable output, as the reflective surfaces in the headlights are not designed for how an LED bulb emits light. 

In projector headlights designed for HID or halogen bulbs, the glare is not as bad, but can still make it hard for other drivers to see. 

Halogen and HID projectors are also not designed for how LED projectors emit light, which leads to an uneven distribution of light, with more light close to the vehcile and less down the road. 


The Solution: TEQ Headlights

Standard in every headlight we build are our TEQ designed BiLED Projectors. BiLED simply means the projector has LED low and high beams. 

LED technology has come quite far since the early 2000s. It is now extremely efficent, reliable, and is able to produce a fantastic amount of light. 

Unlike LED bulbs in your factory headlights, our projectors aim the light down the road rather than scatter it everywhere. Our projectors also have a crisp light cutoff that prevents blinding everyone else on the road. 

While we feel LED tech has surpassed that of HID headlights, we also offer HID options for many headlights as well. Our HID options also have a great cutoff to prevent blinding other drivers and provide a large upgrade in headlight performance. 

Every set of headlights maintains a full adjustment, allowing every set to be aimed perfectly, no matter if the vehcile is lifted or stock height. 


Headlight Construction + Customization

Quality Parts

We only utilize quality parts in our headlights - many of which we have designed in house. There's already enough low quality headlights out there on eBay and Amazon. 

We're confident in what we produce. That's why we provide a minimum 2 year warranty on every headlight we produce. 

In over 3 years of utilizing our projectors, we have not had a single projector unit fail. 

Hand Built

Every single headlight we produce is built by hand in Raleigh, NC. Our skilled team opens each light, installs the needed parts, and reseals the headlights. 

Each light is fully inspected by our quality control manager prior to shipping out.

Our experience helps us construct a superior product. Small details, like reinforcing certain adjusters and adding extra lens anchors, may not be seen on the outside, but make all the difference in producing a high quality product.

Customize Your Perfect Headlight

Because each headlight is hand built, we have the ability to customize each set of headlights during the build process. You can really stand out with color changing strips and halos, add extra performance by adding additional projectors and pod lights, or keep it super simple with one of our OEM+ builds. 

No matter your style, we have an option for you. 

Get The Most For Your Money


Price is an important factor in any purchase.You want to maximize what we get for the money we spend. We get that. 

Many companies will offer different "levels" of headlights where you have to spend $1200+ to get a headlight that is a noticable improvement in output.

A big part of our sucess is because we provide exceptional value with our headlights. By incluidng our high-end LED projectors standard, you obtain headlight output superior to the high end brands for a fraction of the cost.

If you're looking for a simple set of headlights to increase your light output, our OEM+ Edition Headlights are the perfect choice. You get our TEQ BiLED Projectors, new headlight hosuings, and a clean factory look, all for a low price. 


If there is more left in your budget, dive in to our customization! We have options to add additional projectors for even more output, ways to integrate turn signals into your headlights with halos and strips, impress your friends wtih the RGBW (Color Changing) upgrade, or even add moden features like sequential turn signals to select builds. 

When it's all over with, you'll have a brighter, fully custom set of headlights with less of a dent in your wallet. The first time you go for a drive at night with your new TEQ Lights, you won't understand how you lived without them. 


Why Do You Have Lead Times?

  • We emphasize quality over quantity. While it would certainly be more efficent to mass produce everything overseas, the quality of the product would certainly decrease.

    Over time, this approach has allowed us to see far lower warranty rates than other popular, mass produced headlights.
  • To be able to offer the level of customization we do at the best price, we build the headlights to order. Not having to stock over a thousand different combinations of headlight builds allows us to miminize excess costs and pass that savings on to our customers.

    We do have some "Editions" of headlights that do have more limited options and shorter lead times. From time to time, we do stock certain popular builds as well. 
  • Great work takes time. A single set of headlights can take up to 12 hours of hands on labor to complete and days of waiting for materials to dry and cure. We do not rush orders out the door and fully inspect every headlight prior to shipping. 


If you decide to give us a shot, you'll get a higher quality and higher performing headlight at a lower cost than any other comparaible option on the market. Plus, you will have the option to make a headlight unique to your vehcile. But, most importantly, you'll be much safer driving at night. To us, that is invaluable. 

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