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TEQ Customs is North Carolina's premier Off-Road and Overland outfitter. We are conveniently located at 4011 Atlantic Ave in Raleigh, NC.

With years of experience and access to thousands of products, we're able to find a solution for any need.

We specalize in Toyotas, but service a wide range of vehicles, including Jeeps, Broncos, Raptors, Rangers, Nissan Frontiers, and full size/HD Chevy, GMC, Ram, and Ford trucks.

Whether you're looking for a shop to build out the vehicle of your dreams or for reasonable maintenance rates, TEQ Customs has you covered. We pride ourselves on transparency, educating our customers, and providing competitive pricing. 

You can browse some of the popular services we offer below. When you're ready to request a quote, simply click the button below to submit a request.


The entire TEQ team was incredibly professional and even when hitting some snags they kept me updated and let me know what was needed and the timeline to expect parts/ labor. Incredibly impressed and will definitely be back to TEQ for installs as well as for their amazing storefront.

Paul A. 

Our Customer

Teq Customs is the real deal, Hunter and crew were extremely knowledgeable courteous, and left us with a great experience during the research, purchasing and install of a roof rack on my ‘21 4Runner! Did not try to price gouge, and the whole team was helpful with every aspect of the visit. Highly recommend!

Noe T.

Our Customer

I had a Bilstein suspension, wheels and new tires installed. Went back a week later to have Will work his magic on getting rid of all the tire rub with a BMC and front bumper cut. He even gave me suggestions on how to make the setup even better.Great group of friendly guys and will definitely go back if I ever have the need.

Stacie P.

Our Customer

Words simply can’t describe how much I appreciate the TEQ crew! They are always transparent and willing to help no matter the circumstance! Highly recommend checking them out if you are in the surrounding area! Thanks again for the suspension revamp and everything else!

Bobby H.

Our Customer

All I can say is WOW. Came in here to see if they can help me with a taillight issue I was having , they were kind enough to look at my car even when they were busy! The service was FAST and they were able to help me fix the issue. I would a million times recommend this place to anyone.

Yoceline H.

Our Customer


TEQ Customs carries and installs a wide variety of suspension kits, including...


Whether you're looking to hit the trails or just want to improve the appearance of your vehcile, we have an option for you. 

Our team of experts has the knowldege and experience to set up, install, and help you tune your suspension properly. Alignment is included with any necessary suspension work. 

Get it done right the first time at TEQ Customs. 


Tire Clearancing



So you want big tires, but can't stand the noise of the tires rubbing? We can take care of that. 

We can clear anything. 

On many Toyotas, the first step is a body mount/cab mount chop. In some circumstances, a body mount relocate may be needed. We include flattening of the pinch weld with both services.

Don't overpay either. Body Mount Chops start at $250 with the plates included. 

If you're looking for a more agressive look, we offer high clearance cuts on the front bumper as well. 

For even larger tires, we can tub the firewall to achieve full articulation and full range of steering. 

Clearance can be tricky. It depends on a variety of factors, including the specific brand of tire, your alignment, and wheel offset. We evaluate your wheel, tire and alignment setup to determine what services you need and which you don't. 

(Yes, we fully clear 40's on our shop Gx. No, you do not want 40s. We promise)



Electrical work can be daunting, so let the pros handle it! We install and wire accessories as simple as a light bar or as complex as a full dual battery system. No rat's nest of wires in your engine bay, guaranteed. 

With all switch systems, we install a terminal block and ground bus bar so you can easily add or modify your switches in the future. In the long run, it saves a lot of time and money. 

Switch Systems and Power Distribution
Dual Battery Systems
SwitchPros Systems
TEQ Customs LLC Headlights Hex Halo Custom Headlights / 06-09 4Runner
Headlights/Tail Lights
Auxillary Lighting
On-Board Air Compressors


Protecting your vehicle off-road is very important. The last thing you want is to damage your vehicle or even worse, get stranded. 

We carry and install a wide range of trail armor, including skid plates, front bumpers, rear bumpers with or without tire carriers, rock sliders, and more. 

If you have a weld-together kit for a bumper or rock sliders, we do assemble and weld those as well. 



We offer tires from top brands like...

- Falken
- Toyo
- Nitto
- Mickey Thompson
- Cooper
- Yokohama
- General Tires

and wheels from...

- Method
- Black Rhino
- Fuel
- Nomad Wheels 
- Circuit Offroad 
- Dirty Lyfe
- Icon + more!

Discounted mounting and balancing is included on any sets of wheels and tires purchased from us!

TEQ also mounts Beadlock Wheels. Please inquire for more information on Beadlocks. 


Other Services