Shroud Guide

Shroud Guide

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All shrouds are the same price and are available in chrome, black, or painted a custom color.  The most popular are Panamera 2.0, Apollo 3.0, and Turbine. Add front or rear halos to complete your build.  Switchback and neopixel RGB halos are available. Pictures of specific shrouds on a vehicle can be provided. Stock photos from The Retrofit Source.

Apollo 1.0 Chrome (Available in black)

Apollo 1.0 | Projector Shrouds

Apollo 1 w/ Rear Halo Only 

Apollo1.0 w/ Front and Rear Halo


Apollo 2.0 Chrome

Apollo 2.0 | Projector Shrouds

Apollo 2.0 Black

Apollo 2.0 w/ Rear Halo


Apollo 2.0 w/ Front and Rear Halo

Apollo 3.0 Chrome

Apollo 3.0 | Projector Shrouds

Apollo 3.0 Black

Apollo 3.0 w/ Rear Halo

Apollo 3 w/ Front and Halo

Turbine (Available in black)

Turbine | Projector Shrouds

Turbine (With Rear Halo)


Turbine w/ Front and Rear Halo

Panamera 2.0 Chrome

Panamera 2.0 Black

Panamera (With Rear Halo)

Panamara w/ Front and Rear Halo

Mini Gatling Gun Chrome (Only for Builds with Mini Projectors)

Mini Gatling Gun Black (Only for Builds with Mini Projectors)

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  • Hi, what size of projector you use in Xterra’s?

    - Nick

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