Retrofit Headlights / Lexus Gx470 / 03-09

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One downside about driving an older vehicle (and even many newer ones!) is the outdated headlight technology. Lack of night vision can be downright dangerous to you and others on the road. You can put LED bulbs in your housings, but they blind other drivers, don't project light where you need it, and often times aren’t even that bright.

Enter, retrofit headlights. These headlights increase your night vision the correct way; by using projectors with a proper cutoff. Each housing and projector is fully adjustable, allowing you to dial in your setup for the greatest output down the road while keeping the beam out of oncoming traffic.

While we’re upgrading your lighting setup, you also have the option to add on other upgrades, like halos, demon eyes, custom paint, and more! Each option is fully explained with pictures under the “Product Info” section of the site.

Important Notes:

-Due to compatibility, all Gx470 builds come standard with 4 BxBuilt LED projectors retrofitted into the headlight

-All Halo, demon eye, and etching upgrades will apply that upgrade to all 4 projectors. If you wish to do something on half the projectors or some other custom combination, please message us!

-All wiring will be precombined for ease of install

-Headlights are sold as a pair with new housings included

-We warranty BxBuilt LED for 2 years.

-All headlights are built to order. Once placed, we order the parts for your build. As such, headlight orders are non refundable.