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TEQ Customs BiLED Projector Specs

TEQ Customs BiLED Projector Specs

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Projector Size: 3in

Voltage: 12V

Power Draw: 38W Low Beam, 45W High Beam

Temperature: 5500K

Lifespan: 50,000 Hours (Fun Fact - We have never had a projector unit die)

Projector Type: LED

Projector Function: Low and High Beam

Meets DOT Standards: Yes

Low Beam

TEQ Customs LLC Headlights Turbine Edition Headlights / 12-15 Tacoma

High Beam

TEQ Customs LLC Headlights Custom Retrofit Headlights / 2nd Gen Tacoma / 12-15

**Note: We do not provide brightness readings in the form of Lux or Lumens because they are misleading. There is much more to a headlight than the total light output (lumens) or the light output at a single point (Lux). 

A projector can have very high lumens, but if it's aimed at the ground, it's useless. A projector can also have a very high lux rating by having the light condensed to a single point. Again, useless for a headlight. 

This is a comparison between our TEQ BiELD and a Plug and Play LED Bulb in an identical environment with locked camera settings.

If you measured the LUX rating, you may get a decent number from one spot of the LED bulb, but the light is scattered and would make it hard to see,, no matter the rating at a single point. 


To truly evaluate the effectiveness of a headlight, you have to look at the distribution of the light across the whole beam pattern. Our headlight projectors are designed to have a bright hot spot that is aimed down the road for maximum far-field visibility, as well as a uniform beam pattern that still provides light in the peripherals.



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