16+ Tacoma DRL Retrofit Headlights / TEQ Customs

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Take your headlight game up a notch with our DRL retrofit headlights for your 3rd gen Tacoma! Each set includes the new housing, a Bxbuilt LED projector, and a color changing DRL strip. 

We can also add a Diode Dynamics Pod or BxBuilt LED Mini Projector in the high beam area. Note- The BxBuilt projector we add in the low beam area has both high and low functions. With the Diode Dynamics pod, you do not lose normal headlight functionality. With the BxBuilt Mini projector, you get 2 high beams and 2 low beams per headlight. 

Color changing demon eyes can be added as well. Demon eyes back light the projector lens itself and does not change the color of the light output. 

The pod installed will be, by default, an amber, backlit pod in the fog pattern, which best compliments the headlight. Other beam patterns and pod colors can be requested at no additional charge. If you would prefer a different pattern or pod color, please make a note on the order or contact us after placing your order!