Differential Breather Relocation Kit

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Here at TEQ Customs, we're numbers guys. So when we found out that a 30 dollar mod could save us thousands, we were all in. Keep reading to see how!

One of the few design flaws of the 3rd Gen 4Runner is the location of the rear differential breather; right on top of the differential. If you wheel your rig, use it as a hunting vehicle, or even happen to drive through a flooded street during a storm, you run the risk of flooding your differential and causing some serious damage. 

Raising the differential breather can also eliminate the risk of your factory breather rusting shut and blowing our your axle seals. This is very common in areas that salt roads.

Our kit contains an OEM union, two hose clamps, 6 or 8 feet of fuel line, zip ties, and an OEM breather. Simply run the hose up to a higher location, commonly the gas tank or tail light, and that's it! 

6 feet of hose will be sufficient to raise the breather to the gas tank. 8 feet is recommended for relocating the differential breather to a tail light.

Free shipping on this kit!

This kit will fit the following vehicles:

1979-1995 Toyota Hilux Pickup Front and Rear
1996-present Toyota Tacoma Rear
1984-1995 Toyota 4Runner Front and Rear
1996-present Toyota 4Runner Rear
1999-present Toyota Tundra Rear (8ft recommended for gas door) 
2007+ FJ Cruiser Rear
Toyota FJ40 Series Land Cruiser Front and Rear
Toyota FJ60 Series Land Cruiser Front and Rear
Toyota FJ80 Series Land Cruiser Front and Rear
Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser Rear
Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser Rear

Lexus GX460 

Lexus GX470

For a more technical explanation and an install guide, check out this great video by TimmyTheToolman!