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FOX 2.5 Suspension Kit - Stage 5 / 10-24 4Runner, 10-23 GX460, 10-14 FJ Cruiser

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If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Fox has been making high performance suspension for quite a long time now. There's a reason it's still around. It's comfortable and it does it's job well. We put together this FOX 2.5 suspension kit to be a great value for those looking for higher performance suspension. Our Stage 5 Kit provides incredibly high performance no matter what terrain you're traversing. It's just as comfortable on the way to the mall as it is on the way up Hells Gate in MOAB. 

Stage 4 includes Fox 2.5 Coilovers and Rear Shocks with Remote Reservoirs and Dual Speed Compression Adjusters (DSC)

Fox 2.5 shocks are progressively valved, meaning the initial impact is softer, with the shock getting stiffer the further it compresses. The 2.5 in diamater shock bodies provide more consistent dampening and provide better control for trucks with a lot of accessory weight. This does a few things;

  • Provides a more comfortable on-road ride. 
  • Provides more high speed comfort and handling

With adjustable shocks and coilovers, our Stage 5 Kit is the ultimate addition to your 4Runner/GX/FJ. The DSC Adjusters allow you to dial in the perfect ride, no matter what terrain you're on. Make the low speed compression stiffer for rock crawling, soften everything up for high speed use, or find somewhere in the middle for your everyday driving. It's your choice!

Kit Includes..

  • 2x Fox 2.5 Front DSC Coilovers w/ Remote Reservoirs and Compression Adjusters. Height adjustable up to 3in of Lift.
  • 2x Fox 2.5 Rear Shocks w/ Remote Reservoirs and Compression Adjusters

Option to add a rear suspension lift

  • Choose from a selection of Dobinsons Rear Coils. We chose the Dobinsons coils to pair with this kit due to the coil design closely matching the valving of the shocks. This provides a better ride and better performance. 

Aftermarket UCAs are REQUIRED with all Fox 2.5 Suspension kits to prevent the Upper Control Arm from hitting the coilover. By selecting no UCA, you are acknowledging that you either have aftermarket UCAs already or will purchase them from another source. 

Recommended Lift Heights

This kit has adjustable front coilovers, allowing the front height to be adjusted at any time. However, some general height recommendations are; 

For a leveled look

  • Lift the front about 1in MORE than the rear. Ex: 2.5in Front, 1.5in rear lift

To maintain factory rake

  • Lift the Front the same amount as the rear. Ex: 2in front, 2in rear

You can also do half an inch less in the rear - for example 2.5 front and 2in rear, to maintain a little bit of rake. This is helpful if you load down the trunk frequently. 

Vehicle Fitment

  • 2010-2024 4Runner 5th Gen
  • 2010-2023 Lexus GX460
  • 2010-2014 FJ Cruiser

Coil Conversion will be required to run rear coils on GX460 models with factory rear air suspension.