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Fully Built Differentials - 8.4in Toyota Rear Axles / 95-15 Tacoma, 00-06 Tundra, 01-07 Sequoia

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Fully Built Toyota 8.4-inch Differentials

Fully built Toyota 8.4” 3rd members using new gears, seals, output flange, and bearings are ready to drop into your axle. Third members feature top-quality Trail-Creeper ring & pinion gears and your choice of lockers. Each unit is set up with solid pinion spacers for long gear life.

Price includes a $400 refundable core charge. Only usable 8.4” cores with a ratio of 3.58 or higher will be accepted (subject to inspection). 8.4” cores with a factory 3.31 gear ratio are not acceptable. Participants must ship used cores at their own expense (no COD shipments accepted). Contact our Sales team for questions and further instructions.


  • Spools will be harder on axles than a selectable or automatic locker.
  • For Toyota 8.4" solid rear axles only.
  • Will not fit factory E-locker rear axles or 8" IFS front axles.
  • Fully built Toyota 8.4” 3rd members using all new seals, bearings, flanges, & gears.
  • Trail-Creeper Ring & Pinion made from tool-grade 8620 steel and heat-treated for maximum strength and wear resistance.
  • Available in 4.88 & 5.29 ratios available in standard finish or REM Super Finish.
  • Your choice of spool, Detroit, ARB, or Eaton E-Locker.
  • New double-drilled flange with 60 mm x 60 mm & 66 mm x 66 mm driveline patterns.
  • Solid pinion spacers.
  • Remanufactured housing.
  • For Toyota 8.4" solid rear axles only. Will not fit factory E-locker rear axles or 8" IFS front axles.
TOYOTA TACOMA - Non-Factory E-Locker Only

1995 Toyota Tacoma
1996 Toyota Tacoma
1997 Toyota Tacoma
1998 Toyota Tacoma
1999 Toyota Tacoma
2000 Toyota Tacoma
2001 Toyota Tacoma
2002 Toyota Tacoma
2003 Toyota Tacoma
2004 Toyota Tacoma
2005 Toyota Tacoma
2006 Toyota Tacoma
2007 Toyota Tacoma
2008 Toyota Tacoma
2009 Toyota Tacoma
2010 Toyota Tacoma
2011 Toyota Tacoma
2012 Toyota Tacoma
2013 Toyota Tacoma
2014 Toyota Tacoma
2015 Toyota Tacoma

1996 Toyota Tundra
1997 Toyota Tundra
1998 Toyota Tundra
1999 Toyota Tundra
2000 Toyota Tundra
2001 Toyota Tundra
2002 Toyota Tundra
2003 Toyota Tundra
2004 Toyota Tundra
2005 Toyota Tundra
2006 Toyota Tundra

1993 Toyota T100
1994 Toyota T100
1995 Toyota T100
1996 Toyota T100
1997 Toyota T100
1998 Toyota T100

2001 Toyota Sequoia
2002 Toyota Sequoia
2003 Toyota Sequoia
2004 Toyota Sequoia
2005 Toyota Sequoia
2006 Toyota Sequoia
2007 Toyota Sequoia


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