Lower Control Arm Reinforcement Kit / 96-02 4Runner + 95-04 Tacoma / Eimkeith

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Note: 1st Gen Tacomas will require slight clearancing to the sway bar bracket to use the kit

After seeing multiple incidences of failure at the ball joint end of the factory 3rd gen 4Runner lower control arms, Eimkeith designed a system of reinforcement plates to combat cracking from hard & repeated upward compression.

The issue is that while the LBJ support arm is forged and pretty stout, the arm itself is formed sheet steel – and when the bump stop meets the frame, the sheet steel is supposed to stop the upward travel of the wheel/LBJ. Over time and hard use, it cracks:

This kit includes 3 parts for each arm: a single upper reinforcement ties the forged ball joint arm directly to the bump stop mount to create a direct load path in order to reduce flexing at the end of the factory arm; while the lower two-piece reinforcement both adds triangulation from the bottom of the forged ball joint arm and incorporates a skid plate of the front side to slide the arm up and over obstacles while wheeling.