Panhard Correction Kit / Eimkeith

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The Panhard Correction kit from Eimkeith is designed to eliminate the need for an adjustable panhard bar to recenter the axle and return the suspension on lifted vehicles to it’s original geometry. By doing so, it improves handling and raises the roll center. Plus, this kit is around a third of the price of an adjustable panhard bar! 

Multiple heights on the bracket allow the kit to be used with varying lift heights. Lifts over 4-5 inches will need an adjustable panhard bar in addition to this kit. 

This kit is weld on. However, due to the precision the brackets are cut with, it is not a difficult welding project. Many undertake this as their first welding project! 

The kit retains the factory panhard mounting point, allowing the return to stock ride height if desired.

Ships for free to the lower 48!