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Pedal Commander / 10+ 4Runner, Gx460, 07-21 Tundra

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Pedal Commander doesn’t harm your vehicle and is certified, and others are not

• You can plug-and-play the Pedal Commander by yourself in 15 mins, while others may require professional assistance

• The Pedal Commander has a 2-year warranty and is 100% reversible; other brands have a shorter warranty

• Pedal Commander is Bluetooth compatible, so you will be able to have complete control over your throttle in the palm of your hands. Some other brands lack this feature

• The Pedal Commander is untraceable and doesn’t void your warranty, while others may flag your ECU

Pedal Commander is a device that modifies the throttle response in your vehicle. It has 4 different modes with 9 adjustable levels each for various situations. Depending on what you want, it can improve throttle response for quicker power delivery, or lessen the response, leading to better gas milage.