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Projector Guide

Projector Guide

The most important part of any retrofit is the projector. After all, it is the part that functions as the actual headlight. We have a few different options ranging in price point and light output. 

TEQ Customs BiLED Projectors 

Our personal favorites, our BiLED projectors are by far the best bang per buck we offer. They clock in at an amazing 1450-1600 lux, blowing similarly priced competition out of the water. 
These are LED projectors and do not have bulbs. LED's have a much longer lifespan than HIDs, so drive at night worry free for years to come with these bad boys. We warranty these for 2 years. 
Dollar for dollar, these are our favorite option. 

Morimoto D2S 

The other full size option is the D2S from lighting giant Morimoto. This is a HID projector and uses a bulb/ballast setup. The D2S clocks in at about 1400 lux.
The benefit of HID projectors is the ability to replace the bulbs. The downside is HID projectors utilize quite a bit of power, so components like the bulbs and ballasts don't have the same level of reliability as LED projectors, but are easily replaced. 

Quad Projector Upgrade (High Beam Projectors

On headlight builds that have separate high and low beams, we offer the option to upgrade to quad projectors. This upgrade puts an additional projector in the high beam area of the headlight.

TEQ Customs BiLED Mini Projector

For smaller applications, we offer the Mini BiLED Projector. This is our high end projector of choice for mini and quad projector retrofits. It's basically a smaller, slightly less bright version of the full size BiLED (1500 lux vs 1600 lux). It's the best projector you can get for smaller applications and the quad upgrade.

This projector has both high and low beams just like a standard projector. When used with quad projector retrofits, this allows you to have 4 low and 4 high beams in your headlight (2 on each side) for the brightest headlights on the market, period. 

Multi HighBeam Projector

The Multi HighBeam projector is a great cheaper alternative to the TEQ Customs BiLED Mini Projectors when putting together a quad projector setup. This projector does not have a low beam function but allows you to have 4 high beams. 

Black/Amber Multi High Beam Projector 

The Black/Amber version of the multi high projector is created by our team at TEQ Customs. We take a standard Multi High projector, paint the body black, and tint the lens amber. This causes the beam to emit amber, which can help in situations with dense fog or heavy weather. 

The black/amber version also ties in great with a black headlight build. 


Output (Same Beam Pattern, just Amber for the Amber Multi High Version)

Hi Beam Projector: Profile Hi-Lens LED | bayoulighting


  • Definitely going with your company for a third Gen 4Runner. I’ve watched all your videos and would like to talk to someone regarding final selections. When would be a good time for a semi-lengthy call with you?

    Thanks, Ed

    - Eichhorn Edward J
  • Are you associated with BX built? I see their logo in the picture above

    - Ryan
  • so i’m looking at the 03-05 4runner retro fit headlights, and I was wondering is the bi-led projector the bxbuilt LED ones or the morimoto MLED ones. Thanks

    - Mason Christman

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